Giles Rayner


Giles Rayner has been creating water sculptures since 2000 for private gardens, parks, businesses and galleries both around the UK and internationally.

He specialises in using copper, stainless steel and bronze, often at a large scale, to create imaginative and highly individual designs, which combine energy and intrigue with simple aesthetic beauty. The use of moving water empowers each design with real life, achieving sometimes a sense of the dramatic; sometimes the more peaceful. His work is underscored by a desire to fit timelessly with the surrounding landscape and architecture.

His designs break the mould, combing old skills and modern technology, creating precise and innovative pieces of work that, until recently, would not have been possible. They can be found in a host of different locations including the rolling hills of Ireland, the beautiful Savil Garden in Windsor Great Park, at Weslyan University, Illinois, US, in the hotter climes of the Middle East and frequenting the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

His innovative works are both unique and inspiring, using the highest levels of craftsmanship to create beautiful and lasting pieces of art. Most sculptures are individual commissions, but limited editions or variations on some of the existing designs can be made. Giles is passionate about creating designs that are integral to their setting and travels both nationally and internationally in order to install pieces and to study sites for the conception of designs.